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HIV: The Workhorse

Every American has heard of HIV, unless they are juveniles or perhaps suffering from some mental incapacity.  There are two species of HIV:  HIV-1 and HIV-2, which is primarily confined to West Africa.  HIV-2 is believed to have originated in in the … Continue reading

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The Best Weapons Against Liberals are Their ‘Programs’

Lyndon Johnson gave the Conservative American the best armory of weapons the world has ever seen.  All of Lyndon’s programs are guaranteed to grow and suck in an ever increasing portion of U.S. economic output.  While Lyndon thought he was benefitting his … Continue reading

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RealJock Post: FreedomIsntFree or some member name like that.

Personally I used to wonder why supposed conservative parties such as our Republican party ended up with so damn many liberals in it, all prancing around as RINOS. (Republicans in name only.)   In the Big Tent of Republicanism we let … Continue reading

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