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Clean Burning Low Flash Powders Changing Medical Examiner Forensics

Over the last several months I have commissioned several custom pistols in an American wildcat cartridge known as 460 Rowland.  We first received empty 460 Rowland brass from the U.S. and have since been able to produce locally high quality … Continue reading

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Re-engineering the R.I.P. Bullet

I have followed the stories scattered across the gun forums and watched YouTube videos of the new G2 Research Rest in Peace round.  As many have noted it reminds one of the flechette shotgun round that can still be purchased … Continue reading

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Automobile Manufacturing: MES Systems

cj — This article is being expanded and re-written on a daily basis.  I simply do not have the time required to complete this in a single editing session.  Keep in mind that this article represents one of a broad … Continue reading

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Ode to Singapore

What a wonderful place is Singapore.  It’s business climate is in my opinion the best in the entire world.  It is fitting that it is named one of the four Asian Tigers. A couple of months ago I began a … Continue reading

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Chromosome 1: neuroblastoma breakpoint family, member 15

Maybe not much sleep for me tonight.  I was e-mailed the first result of some new work we began on a gene residing on chromosome 1 using a cohort based in Europe as source material.  The gene is of course a … Continue reading

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HIV: The Workhorse

Every American has heard of HIV, unless they are juveniles or perhaps suffering from some mental incapacity.  There are two species of HIV:  HIV-1 and HIV-2, which is primarily confined to West Africa.  HIV-2 is believed to have originated in in the … Continue reading

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Back-tacking of Human Chromosome to Chimpanzee Germ Line

There are many mammals used in research designed to enhance the lives of homo Sapiens.  If there are any PETA readers out there you go right ahead and rant all you please concerning experimentation using animals.  As long as you … Continue reading

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Re-Setting the Evolutionary Path

As some of you may have guessed, I am extraordinarily interested in genetic engineering.  What may surprise you is that this interest does not only lie within the plant kingdom, but specifically within homo-Sapiens.  While society grapples with eugenics, ethics, … Continue reading

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The Non-politically Correct Genetics Wiki

Being an individual trained in the sciences I often regurgitate when seeing the heavy hand of liberal politics affecting the sciences and scientific research.  This is the product of a battle I first saw as an undergrad, where the folks … Continue reading

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Computational Gene Finding

Thought I’d open this one up before I head out to dinner.  I’ll create the main body of this post later this PM. ____________________________________ Ok, a day late and a dollar short.  Lol.  That should teach a few folks not … Continue reading

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