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Human germline genetic modification (HGGM)

Would you or would you not?    

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Pass the Preparation H, the Romnoid is coming again.

From an online article bowing to the desire to elect thr Romnoid.  An explaination for Romney’s awkwardness? “Even in the twenty-first entury, Northerners visiting the South can feel like strangers in a strange land  (and vice versa). Regional differences still … Continue reading

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Romneybama, er Romney, Rule?

New York Sen. Charles Schumer, part of the Senate Democratic leadership, said he was relishing a push on “some kind of Romney rule, I mean Buffett rule.” Obama has embraced a Buffett rule, named for billionaire Warren Buffett, who has … Continue reading

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I think the name is appropriate.  At least with Barack Obama we know his capabilities, including the fact he did not blackmail the House of Representatives into extending the innocuous assault weapons ban.  (A ban that actually did not ban assault … Continue reading

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What will be left of “Establishment Republicans” after a Romney failure?

The people’s revolt began years ago when  George H.W. Bush desired and agreed to raise taxes.   (He had to spend you know.)  ‘Establishment Reoublicans’, of which Mitt Romney is a member, tax, borrow, and spend on a massive scale.  Don’t believe … Continue reading

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Lessons for Romney (The Massa Barrys of Life)

Although I am not a fan of Mitt Romney I would consider giving the man lessons in “how not to make money”, e.g., taxable income.  The boy needs some serious help.  The number was income of $42.7 million in two … Continue reading

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Romney’s Big Problem in Florida

To be blunt, Mitt Romney with some $250MM in personal assets and lots of friends in New England thinks he is the only candidate with cash.  Bullshit. There are many of us with deeper pockets than New England Liberals who … Continue reading

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