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We maintained only one powerful weapon in Arizona’s immigration law.  The ability for law enforcement to check immigration status of individuals in Arizona.  The Arizona border is so porous, due to Liberal crime originating in Washington D.C., that the flow … Continue reading

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You’re Reall Going to Laugh Your Ass Off

Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts Hunter Safety Course: Romneybama  

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Carrying the Message on Two Channels.

So you think Illinois Republicans are Liberals? Sort of like Mitt Romneybama? We’ll see if that two pronged attack our Liberal Republicans haven’t noticed has the effect of ensuring RomneybamaDingDong doesn’t get 48% of Illinois delegates.  Having said that, Illinois … Continue reading

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Voters want a conservative GOP candidate, the notion that Romney is conservative ‘rings hollow.’

— Quote by Rick Santorum ** March 13, 2012

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The Gingrich, Santorum, Paul Vacuum Cleaner

It’s a grand and glorious thing that though none of the tree above singly will become the Republican nominee for President this fall, they are combined an enormous vacuum cleaner sucking up delegates that will not be in the hands of one … Continue reading

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That Liberal Yankee Boy

That Liberal Yankee boy may have his hands full today. I, for my part, made it to the polls as the doors opened and cast a vote for the Newt. No damn slack ass Liberal Yankee known as Mitt RomneybamaDingDong … Continue reading

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I’z Wrong

Dammit if that sorry piece of refuse Romneybama didn’t win Michigan.  America is going to hell in a hand basket.  I mean seriously.  Does anyone think this oaf is capable of reviving an economy?  By the time he gets all his pet welfare … Continue reading

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