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Motion to Dismiss: Rev. Markel ‘Protect the Black Thug’ Hutchins vs. Hon. Nathan Deal,

Thug Markel Hutchinson

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Markel Hutchins Complaint

Hutchins Complaint

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Indian Businessmen, Korean Shop Keepers, Elderly White Women vs. Those Trayvon Martins.

I received a phone call early this AM from a good friend back in Atlanta.  I will not mence words in what I am about to say.  The time to be politically correct as the Lib-tards require is long over.  … Continue reading

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Custom Machined Bullets

While looking for new ideas to deploy to the machine shop in order to fill out production, I ran across a new bullet type.  The bullets are manufactured by a company called “Cutting Edge Bullets.”  The image below is of … Continue reading

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A Rarity: Conservativejock in Washington D.C.

First let me say, I detest this city.  It reeks of rotten flesh, dead men’s bones, and old corruption.  My purpose however is to ensure free Americans are not over-run by American’s who think your freedom is theirs.  Long live … Continue reading

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I think the name is appropriate.  At least with Barack Obama we know his capabilities, including the fact he did not blackmail the House of Representatives into extending the innocuous assault weapons ban.  (A ban that actually did not ban assault … Continue reading

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Man charged with botched SC Waffle House robbery

Another criminal stopped permanently. SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Authorities in South Carolina have charged a man with robbery in a botched holdup at a Waffle House that left another suspect dead. Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Lt. Tony Ivey says 29-year-old Kenneth Jowan Craig … Continue reading

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