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Liberal Myths (Often Shared by Liberal Repulicans)

A speaker at a local function up in Georgia began his speech with a story from Alice in Wonderland, modified to portray a sort of every day America.  His story, perhaps a parable, might shed some light on why Jesus … Continue reading

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ObamaCare — The Socialist Healthcare Plan

At this particular moment in American history — and we are making history folks — the real question is:  Is a Socialist Society compatible with the Constitution of the United States of America? This is Barack Obama’s challenge.  Not only … Continue reading

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Europe II: The cold hard truth

European Finance Ministers are to decide tomorrow whether to give the 11,319,048 Greek citizens $15, 160.29 dollars each.  Oh it is a lovely socialist dream is it not? The problem is the remainder of we Europeans don’t give a flying … Continue reading

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Update From Europe, Monday February 13th

Act 1 of The Ignorant Greeks, a sham masquerading as a tragedy, finished as young Socialists continued to burn infrastructure in Athens.  Security has increased here in die Schweiz as the sense of distaste for the barbarians increases. The question … Continue reading

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That ‘Kiva Thing :-)


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The Obamanoids

There is one thing I know for certain.  The Obamanoids — the liberal worshippers of Barry Obama — are not going to tell you the effects of the Obama Administrations actions and policies, even if they know.  The Neo-Socialist Elite immediately … Continue reading

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Times do not change, though some think they do

I am a good distance today from those fields and woods that I so dearly love.  The old pines and oaks have in most cases been stading for hundreds of years.  They bare witness to time; which we always think … Continue reading

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