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In the heart of every Socialist (American Neo-Liberal, aka Barack Obama) lies a boiling desire for revolution.  Americans saw it on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri where armed criminal revolutionaries boiled forth from peaceful demonstrations. Don’t kid yourself that those … Continue reading

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We can’t have this ….

“We can’t have this,” said Capt. Ronald S. Johnson, the Highway Patrol official, who stood near a table that held two guns and a Molotov cocktail that had been seized. “We do not want to lose another life.”  There must … Continue reading

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Trusting the NSA

Global communications providers have for a long time operated in a world where freedom and individual rights were paramount and respected.  Based upon the trust they placed in each other, they developed a “flat” trust model in sharing information across networks; for … Continue reading

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From Europe: A perspective on U.S. gun and ammo sales.

Last year I made a major change in my life. Although I have held citizenship other than U.S. for decades, I reached the point that I felt I needed to completely offshore business operations and move to a friendlier clime. … Continue reading

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The Monster = The Mindset

The Socialist mindset that is…. “Socialism  is not just about taking away your money;  it’s also about making you praise the takers as your saviors.  You are  expected to feel good about being robbed of opportunities, talents, and  success.  You … Continue reading

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PimpDaddy and Government Motors

The Government takes your money and gives it to others often in ways that are not apparent.  In fact, often economic news which has a positive “spin” put on it is, in truth, a product of the Government redistributing your … Continue reading

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Socialism, that so loved by Barack Obama and Liberals

Layoffs at Peugeot Signal France’s Deepening Problems A bug-eyed little car known as the deux-chevaux (meaning two-horsepower) was an icon of the French car industry for more than four decades. Now PSA Peugeot Citroen, whose Citroen unit produced the deux-chevaux … Continue reading

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