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Governor Rick Scott

Governor Rick Scott of Florida has sat in the Governor’s Office while thirteen law enforcement officers have been buried. Is Governor Scott responsible for those murders?  I will not say that he is responsible.  Yet.  Governor Scott stands at center stage along … Continue reading

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Mr. President, give these folks more welfare money……..

….deys stealing and killing for dey shoes. GARY, Ind. –  A Chicago man who recently moved to Indiana to try to turn his life around was killed after refusing to hand over his sneakers to an armed robber, MyFoxChicago … Continue reading

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Indian Businessmen, Korean Shop Keepers, Elderly White Women vs. Those Trayvon Martins.

I received a phone call early this AM from a good friend back in Atlanta.  I will not mence words in what I am about to say.  The time to be politically correct as the Lib-tards require is long over.  … Continue reading

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15 Year Old Shot, Killed By Officer In Glasgow Village, Missouri

15 Year Old Thug

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Zimmerman neighbor on robberies by ‘young black men’ before Trayvon shooting: ‘If you plant corn, you get corn’

George Zimmerman’s Sanford, Fla., neighbor, said the neighborhood watchman protected his residence from a potential burglary several weeks before the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Frank Taaffe, a former neighborhood watch captain, told CNN’s “Starting Point” that his house was in … Continue reading

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Crime in Your Neighborhood

I have sold my oceanfront Florida home but retained a home in a secure community in Florida.  This had been a long time coming.  As most of you probably know, almost all of the beaches in Florida are publicy accessible.  … Continue reading

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The Many Facets of American Life

The photo below has ALWAYS made me chuckle.  To me, it so much represents Africans in America, though this photo was taken in some east African country.  Who do you think will win this argument?  Unfortunately — depending on one’s … Continue reading

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