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It Takes a Rare Person

I have worked for several months with an individual who owns a business that was almost completely destroyed by the financial crisis that began in 2008.  This individual has learned a great deal from this collapse and in many ways … Continue reading

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Hybridization of Mankind

For some people confusion overwhelms them when another states they simply don’t give a damn what objectors have to say.  This cuts across all political landscapes as well as the entire social landscape including religion.  As Gene Roddenberry would have said, “to … Continue reading

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Pandora’s Box: Arrival of Pandora I

In the East in the quiet hours before sunrise Pandora’s Box was opened at a weight of 8 pounds 4 ounces. What the weak have always feared has come true. The world has just shifted awaiting Pandora II.

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A Cross-Post from

I have spent most of this week with a good friend and his family in Georgia assisting as best I could after the death of a son. The funeral was yesterday. It was quite an amazing thing to me. At … Continue reading

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Global Farm Production Diminishing

Global output of farm products is predicted to be down 11% to 13% in 2013.  The largest portion of this decrease will come from the Americas, where farm programs are in flux as governments decide how to address crop insurance that particularly effects … Continue reading

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I’m headed back into Switzerland in a few days after standing in for a partner who wanted to attend the Davos conference this year. While scanning through articles received from my clipping service (electronic these days of course) I noticed … Continue reading

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The Terabit Internet

One of the areas in which I have actively tasked folks to work is developement of a communications link to support terabit-per-second level communication.  If you look at the current field of fiber optics, makers such as OFS Fitel — a former Lucent … Continue reading

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