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500 Smith & Wesson Tails

I have owned a Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum for around four years now.  Every time I think of my 500, I laugh thinking of folks who complain of the recoil of a 1911 firing the 45 ACP or even … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Defense Receives Trayvon Martin’s School Records

This is old news by this date folks.  What I have learned through the grape vine however is that the locals down in Miami are believed, a la test cheating in Atlanta where black youth are involved, to have “removed” and tampered … Continue reading

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Ladies, Choose Your Gun

Ok, I’m a little shot light-weight guy with small hands. If you listen to thew bull-beef guys, who were hitting the pee-wee football league while I was out in the woods hunting and shooting, they would have you believe ladies … Continue reading

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Now if she were in Florida ……

Governor Rick Scott and his appointed Hench-Lady, Ms. Corey, would prosecute this fine Southern Woman.  (I assume both Scott and Corey are transplanted Yankees with liberal New York blood in them.) From This Macon, Georgia grandma should be dead … Continue reading

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No one kicks ass like a black lady. Go Girl!!!!

Gun-Toting Granny Shoots Intruder During Robbery It was 3 a.m. on Monday morning when Ethel Jones, a 69-year-old grandmother, heard some noises outside her Decatur, Ga., home. “I heard somebody at the back door and then around at the front … Continue reading

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Thug can no longer rape, rob, and pillage. He sues the lady who shot him.

This pistol-packing granny, who shot a man she accused of mugging her in her wheelchair, wishes she had finished the job — because now, he’s suing her for millions. “I’m a peaceful person. I wish that I had killed him,” … Continue reading

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Mr. Whaley at Georgia Tech versus Mr. Martin in Florida

It has been a year I think since a black thug shot a Georgia Tech student in a parking deck perhaps 600 yards from the Georgia Tech campus during a robbery.  No, we didn’t get all of hoopla’ of a … Continue reading

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