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The Remnants of Trayvon

It seems I was perhaps 14 years old when there were riots in The South during the forced integration of public schools.  I have no personal recollections of this, only vaguely recalling the torching of buildings and it seems someone … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Verdict

It is yet to be seen whether I will publish this post.  My anger at the antics of U.S. Media, Governor Rick Scott, and one Angela Corey has only grown greater since a jury of six women acquitted George Saturday … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Defense Receives Trayvon Martin’s School Records

This is old news by this date folks.  What I have learned through the grape vine however is that the locals down in Miami are believed, a la test cheating in Atlanta where black youth are involved, to have “removed” and tampered … Continue reading

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Downloadable Trayvon Martin Autopsy Report

Note: The drug tox screen is not legible in the report.  The report was generated external to the Volusia County Medical Examiner’s Office. Trayvon_Martin_Autopsy_Report Note the mild anthracosis, typical of pot smokers.  This was not a new thing to our Trayvon.  Also, … Continue reading

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Our Future Pilot: Trayvon Martin

There is a degree of both fantasy and illogic in the African-American mind.  Why do I say that?  Look no further than Trayvon Martin and his parents.  Here the parents think this is the sweetest most brilliant young man God … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin Wound

Below is an image believed to be similar (if not the same) of the bullet as it came to rest in Trayvon Martin.  The bullet entered in the area so marked and came to rest near the heart, piercing the left ventricle, … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin, Perhaps a Rather Odd Black Boy

Quoting from CBS News: “Details from Trayvon Martin’s autopsy show the bullet entered the left side of his chest and shattered the ventricle, one of his heart’s two large chambers but the round did not leave his body.” The heart … Continue reading

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