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America? Not Yet.

As Donald Trump was ushered in as the President of the U.S. I fielded quite a few questions from friends who know I’m a U.S. ex-pat as to whether I thought it was time to re-enter the U.S. markets.  My … Continue reading

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Church Woman the Family Provider

It should be known that Conservativejock thinks the world of Church Woman, even with her many imperfections.  Lol.  You see, Church woman, is an example of what God can bring to women such as Hoochie Mama who was introduced in … Continue reading

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Hoochie Mama’s Family Reunion

First, from the slang dictionary a Hoochie Mama is a female with low morals and/or a female who dresses in gaudy, tight clothing.  Willa, our Hoochie Mama, passed some three years ago but her nine children had a family reunion … Continue reading

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Update: Reglan Induced Anxiety

I am now eleven days out since my last dose of Reglan.  My symptoms of anxiety have abated where it is only for brief periods that I feel anxious.  These periods come after fairly intense interaction with others and periods … Continue reading

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When the Devil Comes Knocking :-)

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June 24, 2014: My Absence from Conservativejock

It has been perhaps nine months to one year since I have logged into Conservativejock to create a post.  I suppose I could look at my posting history to validate that, but it seems to me that is more-or-less correct.  … Continue reading

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Remember, your power does not come from man, from government, or from anything created by man, it comes from God. Merry Christmas!!!

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