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Reverse Discrimination or Reverse Racism

Perhaps I am becoming old and addled, well out of my prime and with no correct opinion of anything anymore, but in discussion with a long-time friend today, the term “reverse racism” finally settled into my mind as the true … Continue reading

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The Elite Who Enlighten

At last, we who are ignorant, poorly educated, and in general heathens are being corrected by an astounding group of Elites who are rewriting history books in France and even Sweden using a set of prophetic scrolls.  Apparently des Architectes du … Continue reading

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Committing Suicide

It occurred to me today after listening to a sermon of a German minister who has worked across the globe to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ that what many Liberals truly believe in is that you as an individual … Continue reading

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Trusting the NSA

Global communications providers have for a long time operated in a world where freedom and individual rights were paramount and respected.  Based upon the trust they placed in each other, they developed a “flat” trust model in sharing information across networks; for … Continue reading

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The View From Europe

I have found that long tiring weeks tend to remove one’s ability to focus clearly but often allow words to spill forth that need to be stated as they otherwise would be held in check. This, what I hope to be short blurb, … Continue reading

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Barack “Marie Antoinette” Obama

cj — I love this cartoon.  I have always been one to believe Michelle copulates the boy with a strapon.  The dress is fitting.

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A Remarkably Beautiful Home

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