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460 Rowland Update

It sometimes takes effort to convert a production caliber pistol to what was once a fully wildcat cartridge. Such has been the effort with my Glock Model 21SF and its conversion to the 460 Rowland cartridge. The Rowland is a … Continue reading

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Rifle Bedding, Weapons Accidents, and Other Items

First things first here. When I say “weapons accident” I am not speaking of an unintentional discharge or the type accident we saw in Arizona where a 9 year old shot an instructor.   Instead I am primarily speaking of case … Continue reading

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Glock Redux 460 Rowland

I continue to be fascinated with my effort to build reliable Glock Model 21s in 460 Rowland.  After substantial testing it appears it is incredible easy to leave one’s finger riding the trigger so that trigger reset is not achieved.  … Continue reading

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Clean Burning Low Flash Powders Changing Medical Examiner Forensics

Over the last several months I have commissioned several custom pistols in an American wildcat cartridge known as 460 Rowland.  We first received empty 460 Rowland brass from the U.S. and have since been able to produce locally high quality … Continue reading

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Glock 21 Converted to 460 Rowland

Perhaps one day I will slow long enough to take photos of the gun I am reviewing. Since this little article is geared more to solid communication than photo journalism, I’ll simply paste in an Internet photo of a Glock … Continue reading

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Re-engineering the R.I.P. Bullet

I have followed the stories scattered across the gun forums and watched YouTube videos of the new G2 Research Rest in Peace round.  As many have noted it reminds one of the flechette shotgun round that can still be purchased … Continue reading

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500 Smith & Wesson Tails

I have owned a Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum for around four years now.  Every time I think of my 500, I laugh thinking of folks who complain of the recoil of a 1911 firing the 45 ACP or even … Continue reading

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Weatherby Freebore Summary

Weatherby Calibers Freebore: 224 Weatherby Magnum:    0.162″ 240 Weatherby Magnum:    0.169″ 257 Weatherby Magnum:    0.378″ 270 Weatherby Magnum:    0.378″ 7MM Weatherby Magnum:    0.378″ 300 Weatherby Magnum:    0.361″ 30-378 Weatherby Magnum: 0.361″ 340 Weatherby Magnum:    0.373″ 338-378 Weatherby Magnum: 0.361″ 375 … Continue reading

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Ladies, Choose Your Gun

Ok, I’m a little shot light-weight guy with small hands. If you listen to thew bull-beef guys, who were hitting the pee-wee football league while I was out in the woods hunting and shooting, they would have you believe ladies … Continue reading

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The AR-15: Feeding the demand

It is fitting that Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss, a Rhino, has chosen not to seek office again in 2014. Senator Chambliss is very skilled at “beating around the bush” when it comes to infringing upon your rights to purchase and own … Continue reading

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