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James E. Holmes

I am thankful that James E. Holmes, the paradigm for violent Evil, made it on The Thug Report: Let’s hope Colorado learns to move as quickly as Texas in eliminating such slime from the face of the earth.  

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We Were Caught Off Guard in Aurora

Being primarily a conservative and secondly a gay man, I’m going to have a bitch session about HIPPA and related legislation that blocks the common public knowledge of paranoid schizophrenics and a host of other potential deadly persons, e.g., those with AIDS who … Continue reading

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Crime in Your Neighborhood

I have sold my oceanfront Florida home but retained a home in a secure community in Florida.  This had been a long time coming.  As most of you probably know, almost all of the beaches in Florida are publicy accessible.  … Continue reading

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White Criminal’s Career Ended

From the AJC: Suspect killed by Gwinnett police after ramming patrol cars A burglary and car theft suspect who was well known to officers was shot and killed by Gwinnett County police when he tried to resist being arrested Monday morning, police … Continue reading

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