North Carolina Redistricting Data in Excel

The State of North Carolina, once leaning to Barack Obama, will be radically different in 2012 poling for two reasons, namely the dislike of Obama’s performance versus promise and redistricting by Republicans in both state legislative chambers.  (Yes, Dems admit it is payback time for all of their years of gerrymandering.)

Attached is precinct level data for all 13 North Carolina congressional districts.  The data is solid support for the maps drawn in light of the fact Mr. Holders DOJ, i.e. Obama’s voting rights proxy, will have to review the districts. 

As in Georgia, the State of North Carolina removed the liberal university element form the redistricting process on this round.  Redistricting was performed solely by a mathenatical process guided by the edicts of the Voting Rights Act.  The assumption utilized was that minorities — both black and hispanic — will vote for Democrats.  As such, the quid pro quo of strengthening districts for minority voters occured.  As a side effect, Republicans were strengthened in all other districts.

Data below:


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