Vive la France: Today’s Cartoon


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Quote and Thought of the Day

cj — Found on the Internet and true for this season:

People who lack appreciation for others’ kindness — or worse, purposefully take advantage of it — can give even the kindest among us reason to pause. If someone is continually taking and never giving, at some point you have to turn off the faucet of generosity and ask yourself whether your boundaries have been violated. Be kind, but also be assertive regarding your own rights, and most people will show you the respect you deserve.


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Update: Reglan Induced Anxiety

I am now eleven days out since my last dose of Reglan.  My symptoms of anxiety have abated where it is only for brief periods that I feel anxious.  These periods come after fairly intense interaction with others and periods of being alone after that interaction.  I am not a psychiatrist so I’m guessing there is a normal cycle of mental activity that Reglan “moves” such that some periods of this cycle exist as anxious periods.  I must say this is something that I intend to study at this point because it (the Reglan anxiety) has focused me on the role neurotransmitters play in our lives. Of course I am assuming the anxiety induced by Reglan affects neurotransmitters.

My prayers continue to be with those who routinely suffer from anxiety.

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Is Racism and Sexism Real?

You better believe racism and sexism is real.  I recently heard a fair white red headed female employee of the Provost’s Office of a major U.S. University shriek that she was considering leaving the Provost’s Office because “they had recently hired five tall brunette and white women.”  She claimed what the office needed — that it had had in the past — were more black folk.  God forbid a university hire qualified persons who may be white, even though in this case the university confirmed its prejudice against the plain old white male.

It is F—ing ridiculous I think that this nation has so screwed itself that anyone hired at a major university has to be:

1.  liberal as hell;

2.  female who is most often a supposed minority;

3.  and definitely not a conservative male.

And Liberals wonder what happened to them in November 2014?  I have had quite enough as have many.


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Update on Reglan Induced Anxiety

I am in my fifth day off Reglan.  On my second day I was able to end usage of Xanax by mid-day, having taken a morning dose of a twice daily dose.  Today, on my fifth day, I have had mild anxiety that developed during a very stressful afternoon of meetings.  Based on my experience those that say it takes two weeks to recover from Reglan induced anxiety seem to be on the mark.  I’m far from normal as yet. 

I have new empathy for those who suffer from anxiety.  You are in my prayers as this condition is in no way fun.  For those of you who are Atheist, though you likely do not appreciate my prayer, let’s just say you are in my thoughts.  This has been a remarkable experience, one that I have learned by being forthright and telling to others, that they share, though not from Reglan induced anxiety but anxiety in general. 

I will try and update this blog topic again soon. 

— CJ



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Problem with Liberalism Personified

The text below is copied from a post.  The text in Italics was a response to the origin thread post of a video showing Christmas lights used at a home.  The display likely cost $1,000 or more to purchase.

The reply is from HotJoe, the ultimate Liberal.  HotJoe always wants to use the force of government to control individually choices.  One could say he supports Obama Care across all aspects of life.  He thinks government should require you to feed and care for the homeless in a never-ending stream of your income BEFORE you purchase Christmas lights.


“TckrGuys saidWe have the Bliss light in blue. We are shining it on the front of the house. The problem is one is not enough, you need 2 or 3 to get the effect you see in the videos. Home Depot sells them for about $199 on their website and you can have it shipped to the store to avoid shipping charges.”

Are you saying that it would take $600 to get that effect?

No wonder Charlie Brown said commercialism was ruining Christmas. We should be feeding and sheltering the homeless this time of year first, and then decorating after that.

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Reglan (Metoclopramide) Clearing

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration as well as other medical/research organizations have reported that in infants ages of approximately 4 weeks to 5 months show 2-fold higher mean peak plasma concentrations after the 10th dose of metoclopramide. Although this is in infants there is insufficient research to demonstrate whether cumulative dose generated anxiety in adults is due to similar biological effects. Metoclopramide does bind to plasma albumin at a rate of 13 % to 30 %. This of course is a possible mechanism giving some explanation as to why extrapyramidal symptoms occur after accumulated or total dosage. As with many issues related to medications, insufficient research to determine causes of extrapyramidal effects is rarely conducted due to cessation of the medication leading to cessation of the symptoms. It should also be noted that infants may carry a fetal protein named alpha-fetoglobulin that is a known binder of many medications. 

Elimination or clearing of metoclopramide must occur for anxiety induced by metoclopramide to cease.  The medication is minimally metabolized; it is not known whether the metabolite that is present in urine is active.  90 % of the medication clears through urine and feces, meaning its presence is persistent for a period of time.  Hemodialysis will not remove metoclopramide likely due to its binding to albumin. 

If you have suffered with anxiety due to metoclopramide usage as I have, thus causing me to post two articles on metoclopramide, unfortunately the related anxiety may require days to cease. I have yet to arrive at that time although I have improved dramatically with low doses of Xanax and Benadryl.




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