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A few weeks ago I gifted to a local private school $75 million.  The student body is comprised of approximately 120 students in grades one-through-twelve.  The school boasts a graduation rate of 100%, with 94% of students entering a four-year … Continue reading

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Spingtime in Conservative Land

Do you love those springtime rains?  You know, the ones where the air is cool and seems to be so thick with moisture you can cut it.  In the South, winter rains are often much like spring rains, with temperatures … Continue reading

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So you’ve done well, do you want to be safe in your home?

As I sometimes do, leet’s define a term.  The term is context.  Wikipedia being as good of a source for definition as many, Wiki defines context in several way, some of these being useful to what I am hoping to communicate … Continue reading

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The Republican Party: Let’s be honest with ourselves

This has been my week to lecture my own people.  I have no more regard for a hypocritical Republican than I do a hypocritical Democrat.  I have strongly implied to my local Republican Party that I will most certainly enter the fray in … Continue reading

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West Georgia Sheriff’s Election

Sometimes one must throw the “good-old-boy” attitude out the window and challenge the status quo.  Such is the case with a sheriff in a west Georgia county who resides in one of the most conservative congressional districts in the nation.  This sheriff, is … Continue reading

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Liberalism has provided America with debt and children acting like barbarians while adults act like children.

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An Armed Society is a Polite Society — The Bond Derringer

Sometimes — for some perhaps most times — folks think I am perhaps “crazy.”  When I make this statement I am referring to individuals who have observed me in public moving about with a contingent of gentlemen dressed in dark … Continue reading

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