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Human Nature

Liberals believe that all of Europe is a Liberal Fairly land.  What we are about to witness in Europe are the two titans of Europe, namely Germany and France, say “no and hell no” to bailing out countries such as … Continue reading

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Die Schweiz

—  From Bloomberg The U.S. extended its slide in competitiveness for a third year by slipping to fifth in the World Economic Forum’s rankings, which Switzerland topped. The U.S. fell one place, two years after losing the No. 1 position … Continue reading

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Da Hawg (The Hog)

Meat from the hog kill of Saturday was a week is being distributed this week.  A total of 37 hogs were killed that roam across the farm and destroy crops.  Several of the guys brought chassis cab mounted coolers to pick … Continue reading

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U.S. ‘dangerously close’ to recession – Morgan Stanley report

This President and his allies in the House and Senate must go.  You figure out how to bring that to pass.

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The Destruction of a Critical Leg

I have thought for some three weeks that I needed to haul off and sue Moody’s rating service as well a Fitch for perpetuating fraud.  The fraud being that their ratings of U.S. Treasury debt is in effect “fake.”  As … Continue reading

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The Beggar in the Left West

We are not to judge our fellow-man.  All beggars know this.  We can however look at the fruit a man produces.  The fruit is sufficient evidence for us to determine if we should steer clear of the individual, without making … Continue reading

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Viet Nam

I must admit I am intrigued with the performance we (I and my partners) are seeing from Vietnamese workers in two factories in Viet Nam.  These folks would never consider leaving the plant at lunch in order to drink rice wine and get … Continue reading

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