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Louie Packaload, the X-Con Thug

I located the comments below on a reposted blog thread originated by Deadmeat, an employee in the Atlanta, Georgia Coroner’s office.  It is interesting — and colorful — verbage that provokes some thought. “This whole business of what caliber/bullet/load to … Continue reading

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Tales From The Atlanta Morgue

I love the stories an employee of the Atlanta Coronors Office has posted to the web.  Here are a few of them. “Remember, folks, that what I see on the autopsy table is most often BGs [Bad Guys] shooting BGs … Continue reading

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The Autopsy Table

I saw an old friend earlier this week that I had not seen in years.  He is a retired physician and as part of his small town Florida practice of times past he also performed autopsies for the local coroners … Continue reading

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An Armed Society is a Polite Society — The Bond Derringer

Sometimes — for some perhaps most times — folks think I am perhaps “crazy.”  When I make this statement I am referring to individuals who have observed me in public moving about with a contingent of gentlemen dressed in dark … Continue reading

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Lt. Col. (Dr.) Jerome Ersland

Many who will visit this site I am certain would prefer to destroy the website given below, rather than donate for the continued defense of Jerome Ersland.  If you understand America has become a politically correct cesspool, donate to defend … Continue reading

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God be with You Jerome Ersland

From the AP — ” A jury Thursday convicted a pharmacist of first-degree murder, aying he went too far when he pumped six bullets into a teenager who tried to rob his drug store, and suggested he spend the rest of … Continue reading

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Jerome Ersland Trial

America’s civil rights activists, those like Al Sharpton, know when to duck.  🙂  It has been two years or so since a pharmacist defended himself and two employees from two robbers, striking down one of the robbers with a head shot … Continue reading

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