The Gay Man Page

I was informed by a straight man there is not enough gay here.  Oh Lord.  I cannot say my blog has been very gay, ever.  But…….alas, I’ve created this page for those “urges.”  Sort of the Hunk of the Day thing.

The first Hunk of the Day is actually from an advertisement.  Grrrr……

Saturday March 31, 2012

Big Hairy Pecs

April 3, 2012

Hum, something straight men never notice, as perhaps some women.  The pleasure trail leading to the flat plane and forest below.

April 9, 2012

This little entry is going to be perhaps a little comical. As I move forward here those of you who manage your life well will see a good bit of advice in “what not to do” in the ‘Gay World.’

I have posted the pics above because I think the guys are HOT!! Ok. No big surprise to any gay man who visits this page. The few (I assume) straight guys who visit here won’t understand and likely blow off the site (no pun intended) and move on. You ladies however, may enjoy the pics. Note there will be no nuddies here.

Ok, my silly thing:  A few years ago after the breakup with my last and most loved significant other, I placed an ad on  After several years, you’d think these guys removed inactive profiles.  The profile even lacks a photo.  I continue to receive a reply at a rate of maybe one-per-month.  The latest, which came sometime over the weekend, like most has no e-mail address in the body of the automated message.  Good thing, as after learning the typical personality of this type, you wouldn’t respond anyway.

So…..if you post preferences to these sites, do you think the responders will get “the idea?”  Noooo…….  It shouldn’t take much for any of my readers — even you straight guys — to figure out what I AM NOT LOOKING FOR.  The latest reply, managed to send a telephone number for texting or phoning.

Now really.  Does this twit less a brain think I’m going to text from my phone?  While it may be true that the phone number can be hidden on a call, I’m just not into communicating with broke, destitute, dope smoking twits who ring the phone off claiming “I’m not a whore, but I want money to maintain my lifestyle.”

Nuff said.


You guys need to keep after me to update my “gay man” page.  I tend to divert my interest here to race, politics, and the usual news garbage without an update.  But here you go, a clothed but hot man in my life:

Can you say STUD?


June 6, 2012


I’m in a certain mood…….

June 8, 2012

No photos added here guys.  I do however want to make a few quick comments about how amazing I find it that many straight boys take pay for sex with gay men.  What’s this all about?  These guys want you to pay them to suck your cock, then they tell you, “oh, if you see me in public you don’t know me.”

June 19, 2012

A good friend e-mailed me a link to pages authored by Geoffrey P. Hunt, a contributor to American Thinker.  Geoffrey authored an article that demonstrtaed his knowledge of the Feminist movement and how it entertwined with the Democratic Party.  Geoffrey’s writing style is rich but reserved, unlike my writing style that I see more as a sledgehammer — before bashing the typewriter.  Geoffrey’s articel titled “Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man” mudged me to think of my own sometimes funny experiences and observations.   I have thus pinned……

Prose on Behalf of the Penis —

You won’t believe this statement:

True power does and always will reside in the penis.  In many ways it controls both the male and female of the species.

Surely I have just insulted any and all of my feminist readers.  After all, they have been engaged in “The War Against the Womb” for half a century now, as Geoffrey Hunt is accurately describes on

Let me tell you something though.  Have you been in an adult novelty store?  Go in one and ask the person at the checkout counter – if they are willing to admit it – to list the top five items they sell.  On that list are “strap-on” dildos.  Lol.  Who would ever imagine that the penis has such control over even Lesbian women that they would purchase a plastic penis.  🙂

“You don’t have balls enough to do it,” many a man or woman has invoked.  Is this just male dominance enforcing male-hood over even the woman who has been known to make that statement?  The concept embodied in that statement says otherwise, as it is so tightly coupled with courage, dominance, and action.

You military types will note that women in the military often behave as “butch lesbians.”  It is expected.  So, is it men who force these women to act butch or is it the influence of the penis?  I think it is the desire of women to portray “masculine” prowess and ability.  It is a image of them being “in command.”  A man can poke his penis anywhere ……  but what is a woman to do?

July 18, 2012

A model in more ways than one.  Supreme genetics.  Not one drop present.
Member at RJ.

January 6, 2013

It has been some time since I added anything to “The Gay Man’s Page.” Here we go, an addition. I like the looks of this guy.

You must forgive my preference gentleman, I still prefer blonds.








































I was around 17 years old when I stopped at a convenience store and saw a man similar to the one below step down out of a Lowe’s delivery truck. Shirtless and wearing dark blue jeans — no faded jeans in the 1970’s — he was one hell of a beast of a man. Standing at least 6’5″ it was all I could do to keep from creaming in my own jeans standing behind him in the checkout line.


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